Mini Soldering Iron

Mini Soldering Iron

Cyber City Circuits

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WARNING: Soldering Irons are hot.  Soldering Irons are not toys. 
ALWAYS wear eye protection while using a soldering iron.

These are amazing little soldering irons.  Over the past while we have used many different types of soldering irons.  We even bought a bunch of different kinds to teach classes with. 

We had three major things we were looking for:

  • Product must be safe.
  • Product must be affordable.
  • Product must be user friendly.

Well, we found it!  These great little soldering irons are fantastic.  They heat up in a very short time and work great once they get hot enough.

Each Iron comes with:

  • The Soldering Iron
  • The Power Cord
  • A 2 Amp USB Power Box
  • A Sample Amount of Lead-Free Solder
  • A Pack of Solder Wicking Braid

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