Safety Rules for Soldering

  • Use care while soldering.

     You should know that soldering irons are HOT! That means you will get burned. It’s okay, everyone gets burned a few times when starting out, but just be careful. You may also need to use tweezers or clamps to help hold things in place while you’re working. Also, when you’re not using the iron always place it back into the stand.

  • Always keep your work area clean and organized.

     Soldering can be dangerous. Keeping your work area clean will help prevent accidents from happening and keep you safe.

  • Only solder in a well ventilated area.

     You can use a fan to pull the fumes away from your face. You can also buy special fans that have a filter built in to absorb the fumes. The visible fumes that you see when soldering is the flux or rosin from the solder. This stuff can make you sick. Be mindful of ventilation when soldering.

  • Never leave your soldering equipment on when you’re not there to watch it.

     When you leave your work area make sure you turn your soldering equipment off. It does take a minute or two to warm back up when you come back to work on it, but it’s a lot easier to do that than to have your place burn down. (See rule 1.)

  • If you use a cleaning sponge, keep it wet.

     While soldering you need to regularly clean your iron. If you use a sponge to clean it (which is a great way to clean it), you really need to keep it wet.

  • Always wear eye protection.

     Solder can fly off your soldering iron pretty easily. If that 400°C solder gets in your eye, you will have bigger problems in your life than soldering.

  • No matter what you do, wash your hands.

     Soldering can include things like lead and flux. Both aren’t the best for you when they get in your body. Whenever you get up from your work area, take a moment and wash your hands with warm water and soap.

  • Do not use soldering equipment that has obvious damage.

     If you see damage to the iron, cable, or plug either repair it or replace it.

  • Always try to manage your waste in one place.

     When you cut leads from your components or other things place them in a bin together. Leaving little pieces of metal on the floor can stab you in really terrible ways. Trust me on this one.